Mothers Day Memories

Minnie Burge Laird Bolton Balthis
Minnie Burge Laird Bolton Balthis

I have been blessed by having a wonderful mother.

She was barely seventeen years old when she gave birth to me. Not an easy thing to do, especially during the late 1950’s.

Her parents encouraged her to finish high school before we moved in with my father to begin our lives as a family. Even though it wasn’t easy-going to school “in the motherly way” she had no intentions of not earning her high school diploma. She graduated with the rest of her class at Murphy.

Before I was born, she said everyone told her her baby would be the most precious and wonderful creature she will have laid her eyes on. Last Mothers Day, she told me “But all I saw was a wrinkled little old man laying in my arms.”

Before she left the hospital with me, she asked the doctor “What do I do now?” She said he wrote out a list of things to do, what to expect, and a typical schedule for a new mother.

She said that list helped her quite a bit. As a result, I credit my mother for instilling in me a respect for scheduling and my strong sense of order.

I wasn’t an easy child to raise. My strong will was always a challenge for my mother. But she always found a way to guide me regardless of how I reacted.

Family and friends would tell her, you must be proud that Frank is so well-behaved. She would tell them “Thank you. But if I could only get him to mind me.”

I was never accused of being a Mamma’s Boy. My mind was always wandering and into something.

Mom would usually redirect my attention when she noticed my behavior or actions were out of line.

When simple talking was not working, she disciplined me with either a stern lecture, restriction, standing me in a corner or a spanking. It all depended on my actions, her mood, and the situation at the time.

I found myself following the same patterns while raising my daughters. Not exactly like my mother, but I credit Mom for most of my child raising skills.

Mom always supported our goals and kept us busy with activities. Family, sports, crafts, church, school, business ventures, etc….

She was a stay-at-home-mom who had time to volunteer as the school nurse’s aide, baseball and football concessions sales, PTA meetings and Red Cross programs.

Sundays were our days to attend church Sunday school, be a congregation member and sing in the choir. On occasion, Mom and I would sing duets in church on Sundays.

When childhood friends played in our yard, Mom would bring us cookies and kool-aid on a platter. She was the cool mom in the neighborhood and well liked.

Mom made sure we visited family while growing up. I credit Mom for making family time an important factor in my list of priorities.

My daughters cherish their memories of taking long nature walks with their “Nanna” when they were little. Mom would point out the flowers, plants, animals, waterfront views, and whatever else they found interesting.

I’m glad to say my mother is enjoying her retirement and is doing well this Mothers Day. I could continue bragging about how wonderful my mother is, and how good of an influence she was in my life, but I know you have other things to do, like go hug your mother and the mother of your children this Mothers Day and every day in between.

I’ll save some memories for future posts, but will leave you with a few pictures of my Mother and her children to view in the meantime.

God knows how much I love my Mother. Thank you Mom for all you’ve done!!! Happy Mothers Day.

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