Do You Focus on Our Differences or Similarities?


Authors tell us everyone spoke the same language during ancient times.

They also say everyone worked together with common goals.

One particular Deity gave Humanity His ultimate praise by saying…

“Indeed the people are one and they have all one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.”

However, the story goes on to say that He destroyed their construction project and caused chaos amongst Humanity by cursing us to focus on our differences.

He simply confused mankind by forcing us to understand only our own family’s language by cursing us to forget humanity’s common language.

That is why so many people are at odds with people who look different and have different customs than their own.

I prefer to focus on our similarities and respect our differences.

Don’t get me wrong, His curse is powerful. Most people will never be strong-willed enough to break away from His curse. I struggle as well.

However, I have enough faith to believe humanity will once again rise to the One Voice that once existed on Earth.

When I need a reminder, I refer to Genesis11six so I can re-read the most important endorsement I believe a Deity ever gave Humankind.

I remind myself. Then I remind others who may be strong-willed enough to focus on our common strengths so our common goals may be achieved.

gfb3 aka Girard Frank Bolton, III. and his wife Cheryl live in Mobile, Alabama. They have two daughters who also live in the Mobile Bay Area with their families. Frank is a native Mobilian, served in the U.S. Army, and has worked in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Fields since 1976. Frank enjoys helping others live to their potential. His Family Focus is to encourage Mobile Bay Area families to enjoy public events together; His Civic Focus is to help the members of get reclassified as Atomic Veterans; His Business Focus involves helping families build new homes and promoting business growth. Mr. Bolton may be available for confidential discussions/brainstorming sessions.