Want to play a game?


I usually maintain a fairly busy schedule.

For thirteen years, my schedule was full – seven days a week.  It was mostly all work and next to no play. But there was chess in the evenings.

After my long days at work, one of my brothers and I would sit up and play chess almost all night long. The next day I was hard at work again.

When he was offered a job out of state in 2005, he suggested we play online chess as one way to keep in touch.

I was skeptical. How can anyone enjoy a chess game that might take days or weeks to play? I was accustomed to face to face games of chess.

My brother finally convinced me and told me about a website called Gameknot.  I joined and found out he was right. I could still enjoy my chess games with him regardless of where his business took him.

I found playing long distance games of chess more enjoyable than expected. As a result, I’ve met many interesting people from all over the world and find it easy to keep in touch with my brother.

Playing Online Chess at Gameknot challenges my mind. I’m not as good of a player as my brother, but I don’t let ego ruin my games. I usually challenge players who have higher ratings so I can learn from them. Reading and studying books about chess bore me.

I’m always up to another challenge. When you get the urge, challenge me to a game of chess at Gameknot. My username is gfb3.

gfb3 aka Girard Frank Bolton, III. and his wife Cheryl live in Mobile, Alabama. They have two daughters who also live in the Mobile Bay Area with their families. Frank is a native Mobilian, served in the U.S. Army, and has worked in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction Fields since 1976. Frank enjoys helping others live to their potential. His Family Focus is to encourage Mobile Bay Area families to enjoy public events together; His Civic Focus is to help the members of AtomicCleanupVets.com get reclassified as Atomic Veterans; His Business Focus involves helping families build new homes and promoting business growth. Mr. Bolton may be available for confidential discussions/brainstorming sessions.

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